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    Approach Sealy

    International brand with global glory
    International brand with global glory

    As the world-renowned high-end mattress brand, Sealy boasts fifty-six factories in different regions around the world after hundreds of years’ development, with retail stores all over the world. Relying on Posturepedic self-developed for 70 years and the big data research on ergonomics, Sealy as the guardian for good sleep has provided the high quality mattress integrating “support, comfort and durability” for global consumers and helped the consumers shape the body in sleep. In adherence to the concept of “Get a better Six. Get a better Day. Enjoy Sealy in sleep and refresh yourself in the morning”, Sealy will bring you a good night’s sleep and make you full of energy all day.

    Renowned technological innovation in the industry
    Renowned technological innovation in the industry

    Sealy believes that only the continuous technological innovation can develop the better products. As early as 1949, Sealy started its cooperation with the well-known orthopedic surgeons at that time in research on body shape characteristics, and absorbed and applied the above information in product research and development. Under this background, Sealy products have got the further upgrading and innovation and laid the solid foundation for Sealy’s further development.


    Sealy’s secret to maintain technological innovation lies in its spirit of exploration for excellence. To ensure continuous innovation and R&D, Sealy has invested enormous resources and financial resources to study sleep of human body and develop improved products and also established?the big?and advanced R&D center and testing laboratory, where any change of a line, an angle or even loading force would be given great attention.

    The continuous research and development day after day for decades enable Sealy to achieve success and win wide popularity. The constant innovation and R & D are Sealy’s secret to enjoy a good reputation in global mattress manufacture industry and hotel mattress supply industry, and also the source for Sealy to upgrade its own value.

    Sealy has effectively combined the scientific research in cooperation with experts for years with its own sleep system design to provide the correct support for every “body”. The proper support for different individuals will relax your muscles and help you obtain the full rest. You will naturally?feel fresh and energetic after waking up.

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